The Columbia Aquanauts is a student-led organization focused on creating awareness of and addressing global water challenges. The organization engages students, industry experts, and faculty from various disciplines at Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate schools for knowledge-sharing sessions, internship programs, and consulting projects.

Current Research:

Completed Research:

Public and Private Water Utility Rates Study

Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Groundwater Systems

Arsenic Testing in U.S. Water Utilities

Water Efficiency Strategies for CATCH Harlem Properties

Understanding the Relationship between Climate and Drought Indices

Koraro Ethiopia Millennium Villages Project

Green Infrastructure: Closer Look at Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development and Best Management Practices

America’s Water: An exploratory analysis of Municipal Water Survey Data

America’s Water Risk: Water Stress and Climate Variability

EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

National Water Rates Study

For more information about the Aquanauts, please send an email to [email protected].