As part of Columbia University and the Columbia Climate School, education is a critical part of the Water Center’s mission. We are committed to working with students at all levels, and host a thriving internship program as well as workshops, giving students a chance to apply their learning to real-world problems.

Certificate in Water Sustainability Management

The School of Continuing Education along with the Earth Institute and CWC began offering a Certificate in Water Sustainability Management in 2013. The Certificate introduces concepts of hydrology, public policy and regulation, economics, finance, and conflict resolution to provide sophisticated and multidisciplinary training at the nexus of science, social science and public policy. The certificate equips graduates with the practical information and tools to understand the implications of limited and declining water resources and will enable them to craft solutions and prepare for and manage the socioeconomic consequences.


In the spring of 2012 we launched the Aquanauts—a student group which aims to engage students and faculty from various disciplines at Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate schools to tackle the most pressing global water challenges. Through research both on and off the field, the group seeks to define some general solutions that could be easily replicated in similar regions. In addition, the Aquanauts partners with organizations and corporations in order to facilitate the implementation of these solutions.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Columbia University provides a wide array of resources for undergraduates to complement their environmental and sustainable development education at Columbia University. In collaboration with research centers, programs, and academic departments, the Earth Institute has created many opportunities for Barnard College, Columbia College, School of General Studies, and School of Engineering and Applied Science students to get involved in environment and sustainable development both inside the classroom and out.

Graduate Opportunities

Columbia University also offers several graduate programs related to water resources. Students interested in continuing their education in environmental sciences or engineering, or integrating their scientific interests with a career in public policy, management, education or conservation, will find a graduate program to suit them within Columbia’s array of programs expressly designed for M.S., M.P.A. and M.A. students.

From geophysics to environmental economics, earth and environmental science, doctoral students will find a series of multidisciplinary Ph.D. program options tapping the extensive resources of Columbia University’s science departments and institutes, as well as those of our partners.