Global Floods Initiative

The Columbia Global Floods Initiative aims to save lives and protect livelihoods by helping policymakers, disaster relief agencies, infrastructure designers, financial institutions and others better prepare for, manage and respond to extreme floods.

The Global Floods Initiative takes a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to managing extreme flood impacts—an approach that integrates short- to long-term climate forecasting, reservoir design and operations, land use considerations, disaster preparedness and response, and supply-chain risk analysis along with new insurance and other financial instruments to help the most economically vulnerable.

The Global Floods Initiative is developing enhanced prediction models for extreme floods and exploring how they impact regions as well as supply chain networks. A key aspect involves using a dynamic risk paradigm to predict and manage flood risk in the face of climate change. Climate-informed, regularly updated flood risk projections are being developed at a global scale.

Truly multidisciplinary, this initiative integrates the expertise of leading environmental and industrial engineers, in partnership with private companies from manufacturing and insurance industries, government agencies, and international organizations.

Chart: A comprehensive climate risk management strategy