Recognizing the public and private sector roles and opportunities, the Columbia Water Center researches innovative solutions to pressing water challenges in unique climate and socio-economic settings around the world. Our work stresses analytics at multiple scales, from technologies at the farm level, to new systems-level thinking in the design of urban smart water grids, reservoir and groundwater operations, ecosystems restoration, water-informed agriculture and food procurement and national and regional water policy. Sophisticated water demand/supply and flood forecasts using climate information and their integration with financial risk management instruments are central to our work.


America's Water Initiative

The America’s Water initiative is a network of academic institutions, government agencies, and private industry focused on conducting research and informing water infrastructure improvements in the United States through innovative management solutions, new technologies, and new policies.

China's Water

The China Water Initiative aims at advancing water resources research and sustainable management of water and related resources (energy, land, mining, food) through strategic partnership with government and private sector agencies in China. We are a team of researchers, scientists, and faculties at various institutions in the Hong Kong SAR, mainland China and the United States, with backgrounds of engineering, science and management.

America's Water Education

Engaging Young Black and Latino Students in Data Science Through Water Security

In partnership with the instructors of the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, the Columbia Water Center is investigating how water data platforms can augment the learning experience of students and increase their interest in water societal issues.