Shazlyn M. Shaharudin


I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Malaysia. Concisely, I had obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Mathematics from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia in 2010, and completed my Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics from the same university in 2017. My research interests are in dimensions reduction methods applied to climate informatics, which analyzes huge climate-related datasets using Data Mining techniques. Additionally, I am focusing my current research on the development of a prediction model for hydrological, environmental, microbiological and educational data. The majority of the research is using historical data and deals with high dimensional data. My approach to solving the problems in the study involves the use of multivariate analysis approaches combined with time series methods and machine learning techniques. I have a wide range of experience in multivariate analysis such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Factor Analysis (FA), for time series analysis I use Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA), and for machine learning techniques I specialize in Support Vector Machine (SVM), Relevant Vector Machine (RVM) and Random Forest. As a statistician with a view towards data science, I believe that the skills I have acquired throughout my research experience would be a valuable asset to the research committee.

Research Area: Multivariate Analysis, Applied Hydrological Modelling, Applied Statistics, Machine Learning

Specialist In: Water and Climate Modelling