Elizabeth M. Tellman


Beth Tellman is a human-environment geographer whose research addresses the causes and consequences of global environmental change in vulnerable populations, with a focus on access to water, flood risk, and land use change. She engages in a wide array of disciplines and methods from land system science, to hydrology, to the social sciences. She is a co-founder of Cloud to Street: https://cloudtostreet.info/, a public benefit corporation that leverages remote sensing data to build flood monitoring and mapping systems for low- and middle-income countries. Beth will be an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Arizona in August 2021. To learn more about her publications, projects, and PhD and post doc opportunities see: https://beth-tellman.github.io/.

Research Areas: Remote sensing, flooding, land use change, urbanization, vulnerability, illicit activity

Current projects with the CWC:

NASA Commercial SmallSat Data Analysis. 2021-22. PI Beth Tellman with collaborators Iskha Gurung, Andrew Molthan (NASA) and Upmanu Lall. High resolution imagery to train and validate deep learning models of inundation extent for multiple satellite sensors. 

NASA New Early Career Investigators Program Earth Sciences. 2021-2024. PI Beth Tellman with Collaborators Upmanu Lall, Saiful Islam, Mohammed Bhuyan, Mehadi Hasan, and Sarder Raihan. Understanding flood risk in human altered landscapes from cities to farms: inferences from satellites and machine learning. 

NASA Terrestrial Hydrology. 2021-2024. PI Beth Tellman with Co-Is Upmanu Lall, Pierre Gentine, and Venkat Lakshmi. Mapping flood impacts using multi-sensor satellite data fusion in urban areas.