America’s Water: Infrastructure in Peril – What to Do, How to Fix It, and How to Finance It

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Location: Online via MaestroConference

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Moderator: David Brancaccio, American Public Media Marketplace; Speakers: National Experts and Journalists to be Announced

The Earth Institute’s Columbia Water Center, Circle of Blue, and American Public Media present: “America’s Water: Infrastructure in Peril – What to Do, How to Fix It, and How to Finance It.”

Join American Public Media Marketplace’s David Brancaccio, national experts, and journalists for the first in a timely H2O Catalyst series of interactive town hall broadcasts that explores the nation’s imperiled water systems.

Bring your voice and participate with leaders in finance, water infrastructure, and policy in a virtual, interactive town hall to learn the latest news, information, and share ideas about how the nation can respond to its grand water infrastructure challenge.

A Defining Moment

America built its water systems to last. But they will not last forever. Communities throughout the country face an era of replacement, repair, and reinvestment.

The stakes are high.

Leaky pipes waste trillions of gallons per year. Droughts and floods inflict deep financial wounds. Lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, and countless other cities shows the risks to public health and economic well-being because of outdated infrastructure.

Beginning May 11 and running through fall 2016, Circle of Blue, American Public Media, and Columbia University — and a global audience — will dig deep and explore the state of the nation’s water infrastructure. From what happens when pipes and policies fail to the opportunities for innovative finance, policy, and technology.