America's Water 2022: Ensuring America’s Water Security

Ensuring America’s Water Security: Designing, Financing & Managing Infrastructure for Climate Adaptation

Join us September 20th, 2022, to hear from leading stakeholders across all areas of the water industry to understand the future of water in the USA. We will bring together experts from federal agencies, academia, private industry, NGOs, philanthropies, and journalists to foster action-oriented discussions targeting achievable goals.

Background Information

A draft of the background white paper that sketches the risks and challenges associated with America's water infrastructure to reflect the discussion on solutions at the event is provided with supporting information in the slides. 

Draft | Slides

Water is at the core of climate adaptation goals. It is essential for manufacturing, agriculture, human health, and the environment. But across the entire supply chain, our aging infrastructure is failing. From dams and levees, to main pipes and sewers, to increasing exposure to chemicals and pathogens, our water system urgently needs to be reexamined. Climate change will continue to exacerbate pollution, floods, and droughts, while decreasing community capacity to address these concerns. It is time for collective action and an opportunity for social investment.

Participants will attend a full day of lectures, discussions, roundtables, and panels to work towards the production of a white paper. The paper will summarize the key findings and solutions resulting from interdisciplinary discussions and conversations, and will serve as a guide for government, industry, and the private sector in the allocation and implementation of solutions.

Speakers | Agenda

September 20, 2022
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Forum, Columbia University
601 W 125th St.
New York, NY 10027

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