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September 04, 2012Shama Perveen is quoted in the Bloomberg Businessweek article ‘India’s Potato Prince Gets Free Power as Grants Spur Blackouts’, about free energy for potato agriculture in India. Link (PDF)

November 1, 2011: Upmanu Lall is quoted in the New York Times article ‘Stone-Washed Blue Jeans (Minus the Washed)’, about the growing awareness of corporate water risks. NYT link (PDF)

October 28, 2011: Upmanu Lall and Earth Institute director Jeff Sachs were featured in the MSNBC PhotoBlog ‘Managing a growing world population with a shrinking water supply. MSNBC Link (PDF)

October 20, 2011: A report in Live Science web site on the Earth Institute Conference ‘The World at 7 Billion’, titled 5 Ways the World Will Change Radically This Century, includes remarks by Upmanu Lall on the future of water resource management as population grows. Live Science link (PDF)

October 7, 2011: ‘Chandola lake turns into dust bowl’, Down to Earth. About groundwater depletion in Gujarat, India. Cites CWC Gujarat White Paper. Link (PDF)

October 3, 2011: ‘Droughtbusters: The world is thirsty. Five ways we can keep from going dry’, TIME Magazine. Features CWC India projects. Link (PDF)

August 30, 2011: ‘Columbia University Engages Global Water Crisis’, Seametrics Blog. About CWC’s international projects. Link (PDF)

August 24, 2011: PepsiCo and The Nature Conservancy Announce Initial Findings of Positive Water Impact Pilot. PepsiCo Performance Notes blog. Report on PepsiCo/ Nature Conservancy Positive Water Impact report at World Water Week, Stockholm, led by Upmanu Lall. (PDF)

August 2, 2011: ‘Water Scarcity: A Shared Problem With a World of Solutions’, Earth Institute Research News. Report on the International Conference for CWC’s PepsiCo Foundation partnership projects. Link (PDF)

June 10, 2011: Upmanu Lall was interviewed on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, for a segment called China Development and the Water Problem, which discussed the water issues arrising from urban development in China, and the plan to divert water from the Yangtzee River to the north of China. Web Site. Listen.

June 6, 2011: Major Step in Improving Forecasts of Weather Extremes Such as Floods and Droughts‘, Daily Science. Pierre Gentine was interviewed for a Daily Science article (PDF), which talks about his paper published in Nature Geoscience, ‘Probability of afternoon precipitation in eastern United States and Mexico enhanced by high evaporation’. (PDF)

May 13, 2011: ‘Why Mississippi floods were expected’. Nature. Upmanu Lall interviewed about flood event prediction. Link (PDF)

April, 2011: ‘Study belies govt claims on groundwater’. Times of India. About the Gujarat White Paper. (PDF)

April, 2011: ‘Columbia University’s eye-opening report on north Gujarat’. Desh Gujarat. About the Gujarat White Paper. Link (PDF)

April, 2011: ‘Arid Land, Thirsty Crops.’ Scientific American. Shama Perveen and Kapil Narula were interviewed for an article about CWC’s work in Punjab. Link (PDF)

February, 2011: ‘A New Collaborative Effort.’ World Resources Report. PepsiCo Foundation’s Dan Bena wrote about the increased role of public/private partnerships in sustainable development work. It includes a discussion of CWC’s project to use climate forecasting to improve water allocation decision-making in Brazil. Link (PDF)

January 22, 2011: ‘Making every drop count: water usage in the Developing World.’ MediaGlobal: Voice of the Global South. Article discussing appropriate technologies to save water the developing world. Features an interview with CWC partner, Dr. Rajinder Sidhu of the Punjab Agricultural University talking about using tensiometer technology to help farmers save water in Punjab. Link (PDF)

January 19, 2011: ‘Especialista em alteraes do clima diz que planejamento evita tragdias’. Jornal Hoje. Features an interview with CWC director Upmanu Lall to talk about the recent catastrohpic floods in Brazil. (In Portuguese). (Video Link) (PDF)

January 6, 2011: ‘7 Billion and Counting: Can the Earh Handle It?’. Talk of the Nation. Features a panel discussion including CWC director Upmanu Lall to talk about the stress of population on global resources, including water. (Audio Link) (PDF)

December, 2010: ‘Incentives for Water Conservation in Gujarat’ Water Wide Web. Features an interview with CWC assistant director Dan Stellar about the Water Center’s work in the Indian state of Gujarat. Link (PDF)

December, 2010: ‘Climate Patterns to Help Predict the Next Big Flood?’ National Geographic. Features a report on CWC director Upmanu Lall’s recent work on using climate models to predict global flood patterns. Link (PDF)

December 31, 2010: ‘Mining Groundwater in India Reaches New Lows,’ National Geographic. Article features interview with Shama Perveen as well as reporting on research by Perveen, Upmanau Lall and Naresh Devineni on the groundwater crisis in India. Link (PDF)

December 2010: Earth Institute Profile of CWC director Upmanu Lall. Link (PDF)

Fall 2010: ‘Turning up the Water Pressure,’ Outdoor America. Article talks about the global water crisis; CWC director Upmanu Lall was interviewed for the piece. Link (PDF)

Fall 2010: A profile of Upmanu Lall in Columbia Engineering. Piece talks about his article in SIPA’s Journal of International Affairs. Link

September 2010: From Global Impact: “Columbia University Named as Lead Institution on Climate Risk and Adaptation Assessment in the Urban Northeast.” The Water Center’s Upmanu Lall was named as one the three principal investigators. Link (PDF)

June 2010: An interveiw with CWC Director Upmanu Lall is featured in The Circle of Blue – Water News. The interview, Upmanu Lall Gives Insight to Indias Nexus of Energy, Food and Water, was recorded during the World Economic Forums Global Agenda Council and originally broadcast by radio. Link (PDF)

May 2010: Two articles about CWC’s work in India were featured by 1) ‘U.S., India Working Together to Address Indias Water Needs: Columbia Water Center partnerships focus on agricultural innovations’ (PDF) 2) ‘Columbia Water Center at Work Across the Globe: Water partnerships under way in Brazil, Mali, Ethiopia and India’ (PDF)

March 31, 2010: CWC’s Carlos Lima addresses water challenges in Brazil for Columbia University’s Engineering website

March 20, 2010: World Water Day India activities reported on in Indian press Read the Times of India article (PDF) and Read the Bharat Sandesh article (PDF)

January 29, 2010: Tobias Siegfried, CWC Researcher, Interviewed by on his career as a scientistWatch the video

January 21, 2010: Upmanu Lall Interviewed by CleanSkies on IPCC error on melting glaciers in the Himalayas Watch the video

July 13, 2009: Manu Lall Interviewed by EarthSky on climate models to help restore Everglades.  There is a 90 second interview and another that is 8 minutes. Link


The International Water Forum at the United Nations was held concurrently with the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly, on September 16, 2011 at the UN Headquarters in New York. Upmanu Lall participated in the panel discussion on Global Water Issues. Video of Lall presentation.

Upmanu Lall participated in World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden.On August 21, 2011 he gave a talk on Water Management and Climate Change, and on August 24, 2011 he was the Keynote speaker for the Adapting Cities to Climate Variability and Change session. (Presentation PDF)

Shama Perveen gave two talks at the University Council on Water Resources conference in Boulder, Colorado. Her talks were ‘Climate Variability, Water Stress and Planning for Storage: Hard or Soft Path Management?’ and ‘Reversing Groundwater Depletion in India: Case Studies from Punjab and Gujarat.’ July 13, 2011

Water Scarcity: A Shared Problem with a World of Solutions, Columbia Water Center/ PepsiCo Foundation Partnership Projects June 27, 2011

The Director of CWC’s Brazil Office, Francisco de Assis Souza, addressed the Brazilian Senate in May 2011, as part of a panel ‘Water: How to Conserve It’ presented to the Subcommittee to Follow-Up Rio+20. View his talk here (in Portuguese).

American Geophysical Uniion Meeting December 13 – 17, 2010 Web page of CWC participation

Professor Kartik Chandran, Assistant Professor and Director of the Columbia University/UNESCO Joint Program on Biosphere and Society presented “Water for a Healthy World: The Challenges of Producing Clean Water” in observance of World Water Day at the United Nations, March 17, 2010

State of the Planet took place on March 25, 2010 American Geophysical Union took place on December 14-18, 2009

The India Water Forum, Second Conference took place on August 8, 2009

Water Security in India Conference, co-hosted with the Asia Society took place on April 15-19, 2009

The India Water Forum, First Conference took place on October 23, 2008

The “Changing Water Management in Changing China” Conference took place on September 11 13, 2008


Columbia Water Center Seminar Series


September 23, 2011. Dennis McLaughlin, H.M. King Bhumibol Professor of Water Resource Management, MIT, ‘Land, Food and Water in China’.

July 12, 2011, Anil Kumar, Managing Director, IMaCS Virtus Global Partners, ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Introducing New Structures for Water Storage in Urban India’.

April 29, 2011, Ray Farinato, Cytec Industries Inc., ‘Water – Generating More Reserves from Available Resources’. Powerpoint Video

April 22, 2011, Xiaojia Bao, SIPA, ‘Distributive Impacts of Dams and Governmental Responses at County-level in China’. Powerpoint

April 8, 2011, Charlie Vorosmarty, CCNY, Water for a Crowded World: Lessons from the Northeast Corridor, Video

March 25, 2011, Wolfram Schlenker, Columbia University. ‘Water Quality Violations and Avoidance Behavior – Evidence from Bottled Water Consumption’. Video

March 4, 2011, Patricia Culligan, Columbia University. ‘Investigating Pathogen Transport in Bangladesh Aquifer Soils’. Video

February 25, 2011, Marshal English, Oregon State University. ‘Development of Advanced Irrigation Management Technologies.’ Video

December 3, 2010, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, University of Minnesota. ”From a Raindrop to a Stream Pebble to a Delta: Recent Research on Predictive Modeling.’ Video.

November 12, 2010, Rajinder Sidhu, Punjab Agricultural University. Toward Sustainable Water Use in India: Case Studies from Punjab.’ Video.

November 9, 2010 S.S. Johl, Professor, Punjab Agricultural University. ‘Agricultural Policies and Their Impact on Water Resources and Environmental Degradation in India’. Video.