Why Are Mines Still Polluting? The Money’s Not There

December 20, 2016
Across the nation, abandoned mine sites continue to pollute the environment for decades as acid mine drainage flows into rivers and streams. A 1980 law was supposed to fix that, but lack of funding and enforcement have left the public stuck with the bill. Read More

Cities: the Vanguard Against Climate Change

November 10, 2016
Cities are leading the fight against climate change. Here's what some of the most forward-looking ones are doing. Read More

Water Quality Concerns Extend Well Beyond Flint

November 2, 2016
Researchers at the Columbia Water Center have been analyzing trends in drinking water quality violations. A critical lesson is that water quality violations extend well beyond the problem of lead in Flint’s drinking water. Read More

Dammed Funding for U.S. Dams

October 12, 2016
Across the nation, large-scale water infrastructure such as dams have provided a multitude of services, from electric power and water reservoirs to flood control and containment of pollution. But federal investments in large water infrastructure projects have largely been curtailed over the past few decades. Read More

Comments to SEC Encourage Environmental Risk Disclosure

October 3, 2016
Earlier this summer, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed changes to their disclosure requirements for publicly listed mining companies. The Columbia Water Center was among those submitting comments on the proposed new rules. Read More

Climate Week: Why Does It Matter?

September 15, 2016
Climate Week NYC 2016, Sept. 19 to 35, features over 70 events bringing together business, societal and government leaders to share ideas, technologies, resources and success stories that are helping to curb climate change and transition to a low-carbon society. Read More

Construction in the Swamp

August 17, 2016
Despite the miserable weather and ongoing rain, we constructed a wooden structure to hold the GPS receivers, solar panels and other electronic equipment between the three wells. We worked out how and where to mount the antennas and had parts made to accomplish it. Although I had to leave before it was completed, the team persevered through the storm and now we will be monitoring ground subsidence and sediment compaction in the Mississippi Delta. Read More

Rules Would Require More Environmental Risk Disclosure in Mining

August 10, 2016
The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed changes to its disclosure requirements for mining companies that could increase the liability potential of companies that fail to accurately disclose environmentally related risks to their investors. Read More

Shareholder Litigation Puts a Spotlight on Environmental Risk

July 11, 2016
Lawsuits based on corporate misrepresentations to investors are gaining attention from those who want to see companies held more accountable for environmental damage--including risks associated with climate change. Read More

Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy for Water Security

July 8, 2016
To tackle the challenge of how to effectively educate important stakeholders about ground water in the United States, 11 graduate students from the Earth Institute and School of International and Public Affairs MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program were asked to recommend a strategy to improve scientific literacy among policymakers and investors. Read More
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