Brumadinho Dam Collapse: Outlook and Policy Objectives

March 18, 2019
An uptick in mining-related tragedies in Brazil points to the need for stronger regulations. Read More

Columbia Water Center: A Decade of Cutting Edge Research

January 3, 2019
To mark its anniversary, the Columbia Water Center has released a new report highlighting its achievements over the past decade. Read an excerpt, then download the full report. Read More

Study Finds Sewage Bacteria Lurking in Hudson River Sediments

December 13, 2018
A new study shows that fecal bacteria from sewage can persist in far greater quantities in near-shore sediments than in the water of the Hudson River. Read More

How Road Salt Harms the Environment

December 11, 2018
Recent research indicates that salt is accumulating in the environment and poses an emerging threat both to ecosystems and human health. Read More

National Climate Assessment: Will U.S. Water Problems Worsen?

November 26, 2018
Upmanu Lall is director of the Columbia Water Center, and the lead author of the new U.S. National Climate Assessment's chapter on water resources. The report paints a dire picture of the nation's climate future. We spoke with Lall about the outlook for water supplies, quality and infrastructure. Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence To Locate Risky Dams

August 23, 2018
In the U.S., some 2,000 high hazard dams are in need of repairs. A project from the Columbia Water Center is helping to identify the most hazardous ones. Read More

New Study Shows Promise for Long-Term Weather Forecasts in South America

August 6, 2018
The Paraguay River is an essential lifeblood for the landlocked country that shares it name, but it can also be the source of deadly and costly floods. Now scientists are one step closer to predicting the likelihood for heavy rain weeks ahead of time. Read More

America’s Water Infrastructure is Failing—But Here’s How We Could Start to Fix It

May 8, 2018
A recent event hosted by the Columbia Water Center highlights the challenges and opportunities that nation’s beleaguered water system presents. Read More

How We Can All Make Waves: Earth Day Reflections from Columbia Water Center

April 20, 2018
Members of Columbia Water Center share what Earth Day means to them, and offer ways – large and small – that we can all advocate for water and a healthier planet. Read More

Predicting Hurricane Flooding Risks to the East Coast

April 9, 2018
Columbia University researchers to help translate hurricane science into projections for planning for climate and weather risks. Read More
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