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New Study: Why Does El Niño Cause Floods in Some Places and Droughts in Others?

by |October 27th, 2015

A new study,”Resolving contrasting regional rainfall responses to El Niño over tropical Africa” by Columbia Water Center researchers and recently published in The Journal of Climate asks why El Niño causes drought in some parts of the tropics and excessive rain and flooding in others. The authors conclude that the answer has to do with the local timing of… read more

Groundbreaking New Work on Modeling Tropical Rainforest Climate from Columbia Water Center Team

by |September 4th, 2015

A team led by the Columbia Water Center’s Pierre Gentine and Adam Sobel, professor of applied physics and applied mathematics and of earth and environmental sciences, has developed a new approach to modeling the climate of tropical rainforests. Better modeling of the pattern of precipitation over the Amazon rainforest–one of the biggest carbon sinks in the world–will… read more