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Visiting Scholar Applicants

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The Goal

The China Water Initiative aims at advancing water resources research and sustainable management of water and related resources (energy, land, mining, food) through strategic partnership with government and private sector agencies in China. We are a team of researchers, scientists, and faculties at various institutions in the Hong Kong SAR, mainland China and the United States, with backgrounds of engineering, science and management.

Core Faculty

Mengqian Lu

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Asia-Pacific Program Officer & Adjunct Research Scientist, Columbia Water Center

Research Areas: Hydrometeorological extremes, i.e. floods and droughts, atmospheric diagnosis, statistical and physical-based modeling, extended range and seasonal to subseasonal (S2S) prediction; severe weather prediction, i.e. typhoon/hurricane, tornado, hail, etc.; atmospheric moisture transport (“Atmospheric Rivers” and “Tropical Moisture Exports“) and climate change and variability; spatiotemporal statistics, Big Data analytics and Data Science in Hydroclimate studies; water resources system analysis, multi-timescale climate-informed stochastic hybrid simulation-optimization (McISH) modeling. Email Email2


 Xun Sun

Professor, School of Geographic Sciences, East China Normal University

Adjunct Associate Research Scientist, Columbia University

Research Areas: Stochastic modelling for hydro-meteorological risks: frequency analysis, extreme value theory, Bayesian approaches, machine learning methods, uncertainty analysis; Water-energy-food nexus and its relationship with climate; influence of large scale climate variability on extreme events; current and future climate risks on coastal cities; operation and management of reservoirs and dams. Email

Current Researchers


Bing Yu

Ph.D. Candidate, Tsinghua University

Research Areas: Agricultural hydrological modeling, water balance in Irrigation District and remote sensing crop identification. Email



Qing Cao

Ph.D. Candidate, Hohai University

Research Areas: Hydrology and Water Resources; changes in hydrological process and simulation of hydrological cycle under climate change; water resource management using climate information; impact of land use change on runoff. Email



Wenzhuo Wang
Ph.D. Candidate, Hohai University

Research Areas: Hydrology and Water Resources; water flow synthesizing and downscaling; climate change; reservoirs joint operation technique. Email


Zan Sun

Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Water Sciences, Peking University

Research Areas: Groundwater in ecohydrological processes at different scales; Human-nature coupled system; Tradeoff and synergy of ecosystem services at regional to global scales; Remote sensing data mining and data fusion; Land-atmosphere interactions modeling. Email


Zhengqi He

Ph.D. Candidate, Business School of Hohai University

Research Areas: Water Resources Risk and Management, Risk Management of Hydraulic Engineering. Email



Ran Zhai

Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Areas: Contributions of climate change and human activities to runoff change; Runoff, ecosystem water retention, agriculture water balance change under warming scenarios; Crop and hydrological models. Email


Jiabo Yin 

Ph.D. Candidate, Wuhan University

Research Areas: Climate change and its impact on extreme floods and droughts; Water resources managment and risk assessment; Hydrometerology; Copula functions; Optimal cascade reservoir operation. Email


Ren Wang 

Ph.D. Candidate, School of Geography and Planning, Sun Yat-sen University

Research area: The terrestrial water cycle with focusing on land-atmosphere interactions, hydrometeorology, environment change, global drought, and climate extremes across spatiotemporal scales using statistics, models, and remote sensing. Email


Wenbin Zhu 

Associate Professor, Department of Water Resources, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Areas: (1) Remote sensing hydrology, i.e. estimation of soil moisture and evapotranspiration, monitoring the fluctuations of lakes and reservoirs, precipitation downscaling, and river charge monitoring. (2) Hydrometeorology, i.e. assessment on the individual effects of climate change and climate variability on hydrology. (3) Water resource management, i.e. water resources assessment, water resources planning, and water resources security evaluation. Email


Longzhang Fang

Ph.D. Candidate, Wuhan University

Research Areas: land-atmosphere-infrastructure interactions, data driven social hydrology, long term runoff prediction. Email


Past Researchers


Changzheng Zhang
Associate Professor of Department of Finance, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Institute of Industrial Economics, Hohai University, China

Research Areas: Water Finance & Management, Risk Management Email


Hang Zeng
Lecturer, School of Hydraulic Engineering, Changsha University of Science & Technology

Research Areas: Hydrologic statistics, climate change, operations research, stochastic processes with applications to flood/drought risk and uncertainty assessment. Email


Jian Hua
Associate Professor, Department of Economics and International Trade, Business School of Hohai University

Research Areas: Environmental and Resource Economics, management science and engineering, technical economics. Email


Qianjin Dong
Associate Professor, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Wuhan University

Research Areas: Water resources planning and adaptive management under changing environment, risk analysis of reservoir operation in flood control under uncertainty, hydro-economics and teleconnections. Email


Xi Chen
Senior Engineer, Bureau of Hydrology, Yangtze River Water Resources Commission

Research Areas: Hydrology and Water Resources; hydrometeorological forecasting; water resource assessment; regional water regime prediction; sustainable development, fragility, and resilience of water resources; Bayesian statistical modeling for hydrological forecasting; global flood extremes and flood patterns analysis; agricultural planting structures optimization. Email


Yanlu Zhang
Assistant Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Research Areas: Complex networks modelling and simulation, vulnerability and risk management of complex networks, complex project management. Email


Yenan Wu
Ph.D. Candidate, Hohai University

Research Areas: Regional flood frequency analysis using hierarchical Bayesian models; flood risk assessment under climate change. Email



Zhaodan Wu
Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, Hohai University

Research Areas: Water resource economics and management. Topics of my publications mainly include the water footprint, the virtual water trade, the water use efficiency, the water science and technology innovation, the ecological compensation mechanism in water, and even the investment and financing in water projects. Email


Zhenkuan Su
Ph.D. Candidate, Hohai University

Research Areas: Changes of hydrological process and simulation of hydrological cycle under climate change; Water resources management using climate information; Impact of human activities on runoff; Statistical methods for hydrologic applications. Email

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