Abstract submissions for the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting

by |July 23rd, 2018

Below are the sessions that CWC Researchers will be organizing at AGU this year. Abstract submissions are due by August 1, 2018. Session H124: Towards better water planning and management in an uncertain world Convened by Michelle Ho, James Rising, Bree Bennet, and Lu Zhang Submit abstracts here: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/46077 Session H001. Advances in Adaptation Methods for Extreme Precipitation… read more

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Multiscale temporal variability and regional patterns in 555 years of conterminous U.S. streamflow

by |April 3rd, 2017

“Multiscale temporal variability and regional patterns in 555 years of conterminous U.S. streamflow” was published recently in Water Resources Research by Michelle Ho, Upmanu Lall, Xun Sun, and Edward R. Cook from CWC. The paper looks at streamflow on a continental scale and explores the validity of the first paleo reconstructions of streamflow that span… read more

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The future role of dams in the United States of America

by |February 17th, 2017

“The future role of dams in the United States of America” was recently published in Water Resources Research and stems from work by Michelle Ho, Upmanu Lall, Maura Allaire, and Indrani Pal at CWC along with collaborations at CUNY, Chonbuk National University, Bureau of Reclamation and Jacobs engineering. The paper is timely exploration of what… read more

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America’s Water Webinar Video: James Shortle

by |November 30th, 2015

James Shortle: “Innovating Policy to Address Nutrient Pollution from Agriculture” Pollution runoff from America’s farms is one of our nation’s most serious water challenges. Join us for a discussion with James Shortle, noted agriculture and environmental economics professor at Penn State University on how we can innovate policy to address nutrient pollution from agriculture.

New Columbia Water Center White Paper: Water Management and Climate Change — The Case for Newark and Philadelphia

by |October 23rd, 2015

The Columbia Water Center released a new white paper yesterday, titled “Water Management and Climate Change — The Case for Newark and Philadelphia.” In the paper, the authors, Ipsita Kumar and Siquan Zhu, analyze vulnerability of Newark and Philadelphia’s water supplies to climate variability using historical precipitation and temperature data. The authors found that under the… read more

New report from PepsiCo Highlights Water Stewardship

by |September 3rd, 2014

A new report from the PepsiCo Foundation, released for World Water Week, highlights the  water stewardship with diverse partners, including the Columbia Water Center. The Foundation “seeks to develop partnerships that offer sustainable, game-changing solutions,” to water problems. The report highlights CWC’s unique, holistic approach to helping communities manage share water resources through a combination… read more

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CWC’s America’s Water Initiative

by |March 27th, 2014

Most Americans live with the expectation that fresh water is readily available and will continue to flow freely from their faucets. The reality is that environmental degradation, an aging water infrastructure, water scarcity, job instability, and the ability to provide food for a growing population are becoming more prevalent issues that in the next five… read more

Study Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition

by |April 18th, 2013

CWC Researcher and Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Pierre Gentine, was part of a team that developed the first method to use weather stations to map global evaporation.  Researchers from Boston University and Columbia Engineering published a study entitled “Emergent relation between surface vapor conductance and relative humidity profiles yields evaporation rates from… read more

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Two New Published Journal Papers

by |April 15th, 2013

Two new papers have been published recently been published.  They can be seen below! The first by N. Devineni, U. Lall, N. Pederson, and E. Cook is in the Journal of Climate Reconstructions and is entitled A Tree Ring based Reconstruction of Delaware River Basin Streamflow using Hierarchical Bayesian Regression. The other is in Water… read more

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Upmanu Lall’s Huffington Post blog on America’s Water

by |March 27th, 2013

Leading up to the Columbia Water Center’s event this week, America’s Water in a Global Context, Columbia Water Center’s director, Upmanu Lall, recently published a blog post on the state of America’s Water for the Huffington Post.

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