Impact of Climate Change on U.S. Groundwater Systems

The purpose of this project is to examine the possible correlations between groundwater tables and temperature/precipitation across the United States. Similar studies have been done but not on the continental scale. Initial progress includes mapping long-term trends and plotting seasonal patterns, performing a cluster analysis of the well sites, and researching the correlation of groundwater levels with precipitation. Moving on, the analysis will take a more rigorous approach by experimenting with different subsets of the sites from different time periods, accounting for as much geographical representation as possible.

Mentor: Dr. Tess Russo


For the full report see: Russo, T., Lall, U., Wen, H. and Williams, M. 2014. Assessment of trends in groundwater levels across the United States. A Columbia Water Center White Paper in conjunction with Veolia Water North America.

Project completed Spring, 2014