Make Your WaterMark! The Water Crisis & Campus Activism

In the Spring of 2013, the Columbia Aquanauts had the pleasure of hosting our first ever Make Your WaterMark! The Water Crisis & Campus Activism.  Attendees heard research presentations from four intelligent and talented international students (Lulu Almana of Saudi Arabia, Paulina Concha of Mexico, Sharlene Gomes of India, and Karla Sosa of Peru), screened a segment from Ann Feldman’s impactful documentary Water Pressures and listened in on some knowledge given by a panel of water experts (Sarah Dobsevage, WaterAid; Dana Gulley, Riverkeeper; Mary Jordan, The Water Tank Project; Upmanu Lall, Columbia Water Center and Lillian Wu, IBM).

The event was a hit! The Earth Institute State of the Plant Blog wrote about us in “Aquanauts Hope Passion for Water Issues Has Ripple Effect” and so did Ben Grumbles, President of U.S. Water Alliance in his article “Aqua Knots”. Whoa!