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Barclays and Columbia Water Center

As climate change impacts the availability of freshwater, and economic growth puts increasing pressure on global water supply, users across the residential, industrial, energy, and agriculture sectors will experience supply disruptions in the near and long term future. Barclays and Columbia Water Center are connected by the common goal of addressing the issue of global freshwater scarcity. Our institutions are engaged in interdisciplinary research on how policy, technology, and additional capital can alleviate global water stress. We have partnered on several events, a publication and will continue to work together towards finding solutions to global water issues.

America’s Water Event 2018

On May 1, 2018, the Columbia Water Center hosted its fourth annual workshop on the future of water in America, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.  This year’s event, America’s Water: We Know the Problems, We Know the Solutions, The U.S. Can Get to an A Rating, jointly hosted by U.S. Water Partnership, brought together academia, NGOs, corporations and government agencies to discuss what we know about our nation’s water data and how we can use it to help us better understand the root causes of our water crisis, public and private funding mechanisms and ways the water sector can unite and modernize to effect significant change. Zachary SadowResearch Analyst at Barclays, led a diverse group of panelists from varying sectors in an in-depth discussion on the current state of infrastructure, financial risks to investors, water quality trends, new business model ideas and water delivery mechanisms.

Barclays-Tsinghua University China Water Risk Summit

On World Water Day, March 22, 2018, Barclays partnered with Tsinghua University, one of the world’s top engineering education and research institutions, to host the Barclays-Tsinghua University China Water Summit in Beijing. Upmanu Lall, Director of Columbia Water Center, who was not able to attend, delivered the keynote address via video.

The Summit brought together over 100 Chinese and global industry leaders, corporations, investors, Tsinghua University academics, and environmental groups to discuss this important topic. In China, recent moves to prioritize and protect ecology, high-grade industrial practices, and the introduction of the “Circular Economy” all represent a concerted strategy to address water and environmental challenges.

The conference included panel discussions on innovative financial solutions, China’s transboundary water challenges and opportunities, a discussion with executives from leading Chinese water and industrial technology companies, and an overview of China’s unique water-related risks and goals with Dr. Wang Hao, Director of the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (click here for the agenda). Zachary SadowResearch Analyst at Barclays, moderated.

Barclays Water Symposium

On May 18, 2017, Barclays hosted the Barclays Water Symposium: Exploring Solutions for the Water-Energy Challenge, at their New York headquarters. Zachary Sadow, Research Analyst at Barclays moderated a panel discussion on Addressing the International Water Challenge, that included Upmanu Lall, Director, Columbia Water Center and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Earth Institute, Columbia University. The symposium included discussions with industry leaders, government officials, thought leaders in academia, and geopolitical experts. Important and timely topics discussed included increasing water scarcity and quality issues that pose challenges for society, the environment, public health, industries and companies, and how new technologies, progressive practices, and additional capital can alleviate water challenges and present opportunities for sustainable investment.

Barclays Impact Series: 02 – Whitepaper

On March 22, 2017, World Water Day, Barclays released a whitepaper titled, The Water Challenge: preserving a global resource. The report is the result of a collaborative effort between Barclays and Columbia Water Center where ideas on how investment in new technologies and infrastructure can help alleviate the social, environmental and development problems associated with water shortages and increased usage, specifically in the oil, gas and public utility sectors, in the U.S.

Sadow and Lall discuss a few of the opportunities to make positive impacts, some of which include public-private partnerships, infrastructure investments, reduced operating costs and deploying new technologies in a brief video, available below.










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About Zachary Sadow

Zachary Sadow is an energy research analyst at Barclays, and is Project Director of the Barclays-Columbia Capstone Program which is currently focused on international water project development. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Politics and International Relations focusing on energy issues and international political economy. He has a BA from the University of Florida, and was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.