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Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity: Decentralized Water & Wastewater Treatment & Supply Networks
Columbia University is looking for a post doctoral researcher, for a 1 year, potentially extensible appointment, for research on the development and implementation of decentralized water and wastewater treatment networks. The central research question is the identification of existing or emerging technologies that could be applied at different scales ranging from household to clusters of houses or neighborhoods. The cost effectiveness, reliability, assurance of quality at point of use, and social acceptance at each scale is of interest. Sensors, remote monitoring, maintenance and control of the systems, and their deployment in different settings ranging from infill areas for urban renovation to low density rural settings is of interest. The successful candidate would have knowledge of the appropriate technologies as well as modeling capabilities to consider the design and evaluation of pilot systems. Ability to work with urban planners, architects and designers, and familiarity with existing regulations and the constraints they may pose in US settings is a plus.

  • All interested candidates should submit their CV and cover letter to

Lisa Mucciacito

Visiting Scholar Applicants

  • All candidates should submit their CV and research plan to Lisa Mucciacito
  • We will accept up to 3 visiting scholars per application window
  • If you are planning to arrive between Feb 1 – July 31 2019, Your Application is due Dec 1st 2018; You will be notified by Dec 15th if you have been selected 
  • If you are planning to arrive between Aug 1 – Jan 31 2020, Your Applications is due June 1st 2019; You will be notified by June 15th if you have been selected