Next America’s Water Webinar Event: Paying the $1 trillion bill for America’s Decaying Water Infrastructure

cb_fotoAmerica’s once world-class water infrastructure is crumbling and will cost, by some estimates, upwards of $1 trillion to fix. How can municipalities and water utilities find the revenue and capital to make the investments we need to preserve access to this vital resource?

Join us on the next America’s Water Webinar as Christine Boyle, Founder & CEO of Valor Water Analytics, discusses innovative approaches to address the water infrastructure challenge.

Webinar Date: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 at 12pm EST

To join the webinar, sign in at:

About our presenter:

Dr. Christine Boyle has over 10 years in the water sector with a focus on decision support analytics for utilities and companies. She received a doctorate in water resource planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011, during which time she led a team at the university’s Environmental Finance Center on a multiyear study of water utility data analytics for the state’s Urban Water Consortium. She has advised the national governments of China and the Maldives on national water policy in her role as a World Bank consultant. She has also worked with water utilities nationwide and multiple Fortune 500 companies on crafting water strategies that achieve both water resource and financial sustainability goals.

Boyle has worked at three startups and founded two of her own (Blue Horizon Insight and Valor Water Analytics). She has published and presented widely on food security, data mining in the water sector, water policy, and the water-energy nexus.

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