New Article on Water: “Liquid Assets” from Columbia Magazine

The Columbia Water Center and affiliated Columbia University researchers feature prominently in “Liquid Assets,” the new Columbia Magazine cover story about water by Paul Hond.

In the piece, Columbia Water Center Director Upmanu Lall talks about the excessive energy consumption for water and the need for more efficient agricultural water use, especially in water-stressed regions such as California.

Columbia Water Center Post-Doctoral Research Scientist Michelle Ho, meanwhile, discusses the risks to groundwater from unchecked water use:

“We’re pumping groundwater that, due to drought, isn’t being replenished.In some cases, heavily pumped aquifers have collapsed — the ground caves in — and there’s no chance of water ever being stored there again.”

Read the full article on the Columbia Magazine Website.


  • Dr Thrivikramji.K.P. says:

    Well, in the scenario of global climate change, the world is forced to redesign the strategies and modus of water use -treating water also as a “wasting” asset.

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