Google Hangout on the Water-Energy Nexus

On March 18, four of the world’s experts on water and energy infrastructure issues had an online conversation.

Jon Freedman suggests 45% of the wastewater can be reused to reduce scarcity in a relatively low energy way.   Upmanu Lall extended the topic to include the water-food-energy-climate nexus.  Subsidies, in the form of water (directly) and energy (indirectly in the form of fertilizer), must be incentivized properly so we get better efficiency in production and yet maintain distribution at a price that people can afford. Jeff  Kightlinger mentioned how Southern California is looking into small-scale distributed energy production and how those technologies can be appropriately incentivized. James Cameron is interested in how valuation of carbon/water combinations can be made to make intelligent decisions and reduce conflicts, and how vital these issues are to peace and security.

The Expert Panel Included:










“Hangout” on the Water-Energy Nexus


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