“Deeper than Water” — New Video About the Columbia Water Center’s Work

As population grows and demand for food and products increase, so does our demand for water. But in the face of growing pressure on our water resources from depletion, pollution and climate change, we need to make more of what we have.

In this new video, director Gabe Askew evokes the preciousness of water through a the stunning images of jewels in an unfolding box, suggesting that if we are to truly care for our most valuable resource, we must go beyond digging to find the right crops and planting methods, design more intelligent infrastructure, prioritize ecology and invest in climate science.

The Columbia Water Center is solving global water issues by addressing the root causes of the crisis — technical, political, economic and social.

Directed by Gabe Askew

Composer: Robert Schwartzman via scoreAscore.com

Produced by GOOD/Corps. and Hornet Inc.

Special thanks to the PepsiCo Foundation

Check out our infographics explaining our projects in India and Brazil as well!


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